McMillan Custom Marathon Plan: Week 14 Day 4

Week 14, Day 4
Phase: Marathon
Workout: 15 to 30 minute Warm-Up + 8 to 10 x 60 seconds fast with 1 minute recovery jog + 15 to 30 minute Cool-down
Purpose: Build Speed – Aerobic Capacity (VO2max)
Great workout tonight in almost perfect running weather. Nice progressive 4 mile warm up followed by 10 pretty quick 30 second bursts with a 60 second recovery on my favorite soccer field surface.

Cooled down for a couple of miles and did a few minutes on the foam roller to stretch out a slightly stiff left knee. Another 8.5 miles in the bank and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s easy 40 to 50 minute run.

I’m undecided about a 5k on Saturday but will definitely be running an 18 to 22 miler on Sunday. I’m really stacking up the long runs on the McMillan Training Plan – surely that’s a good thing, right?

Week 14 Day 4


Go on, do the 5K!

Are you uploading to Motion Based and Garmin Connect? I contacted Garmin about this and they recommended against it. They said that when they finally get Garmin Connect ready for release that they’ll export all of our Motion Based stuff into Garmin Connect and if we have them in both locations we’ll end up with a bunch of duplicate workouts. Have you heard anything like that?

I wasn’t, but I am now. I missed some of the MB features (weather, smoothing, ability to create a viewport etc.), exported out of training center and uploaded to MB.

I hadn’t heard what you’ve been told but it makes sense.



Excellent! Now you can reward yourself with tomorrow’s easy run. That must feel great to have so much mileage under your belt! So how much mileage have you racked up so far under the McMillan plan? Is it time to get a new pair of sneakers yet? ;-)

So what’s the deciding factor for whether or not you do the 5K? Is it a question of taking a day off for recovery purposes before your 18-22 miler on Sunday? Knowing you, I probably doubt that’s the issue! After all, you’ve been known to run 6 miles the day after doing a marathon. ;-)

Well, whatever you decide, I hope you have a nice weekend!

Hey C,

Decided on making Saturday my long run day instead. Will be nice to get it out of the way and leave Sunday a bit more free for chores around the house.

I’ll also save on gas money and the race entry fee of course :)

Not sure how many miles I’ve racked up, but definitely a task for the near future – you know I like my stats! And, speaking of sneakers, I do have a couple of new pairs I’ve added to my collection, but it will soon be time to retire a couple more which will also need replacements.

Have a good weekend yourself!


Smart move! Hope you had a good run!

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