McMillan Custom Marathon Plan: Week 17 Day 2

Week 17, Day 2
Phase: Marathon
Workout: 15 to 30 minute Warm-Up + Fartlek Workout: 10 to 12 times 1 minute with 1 minute recovery jog + 15 to 30 minute Cool-down
Purpose: Build Speed – Aerobic Capacity (VO2max)
Comments: NOTE: The recovery jogs between the fast running should now be at a brisk pace, not just slow jogging
Abbreviated workout yesterday afternoon. Still didn’t feel 100% and decided on an extended nap after the run. I managed a 10 minute easy warm up, 10 x 1 minute fairly fast with 1 minute recovery, followed by a 10 minute cool down.

The “fairly fast” intervals were nowhere near my usual interval pace, but it was good to get the legs moving and complete the workout to the best of my ability.



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