Weekly Review

Not feeling as fresh as last Monday, but I guess that’s to do with another 10% mileage increase and tough cross country race/long training run on the weekend. I may be entering the zone of over training, so it’s good news that this week is a down week in terms of mileage. My body definitely needs it. Anyway, here’s how last week went:

Monday: Nice recovery run of almost nine miles in just over an hour and five minutes. Felt great.

Tuesday: Runervals Up, Up & Up Hill Climber DVD — increased my base pace from last week by 0.2mph; a small increase perhaps, but over the course of an hour it certainly made the workout more challenging. Enjoyable!

Wednesday: Six mile in the Newtons. No soreness from the hill work. Promising!

Thursday: An easy DailyMile Jeanne Challenge, followed by 50 minutes on the treadmill. Decided to do some striders on the ‘mill and ended up with 30 x 30secs on/30secs off whilst watching a 2001 Tour de France DVD. Feeling good!

Friday: Continued the Friday trend of a low mileage day. Just ran an easy four before dinner. Definitely ready for the cross country race in the morning.

Saturday: Ran the Mud In Your Eye 5k and ended up just 10 seconds slower than my Hair of the Dog 5k on New Year’s Day. Considering the latter was a totally flat course and the former a rather hilly, challenging course, I’m very pleased with the result. Finished in 18:45 and placed 6th overall (1st in the 40-44 age group). Splits were fairly consistent (6:03, 6:07 and 6:06) so all in all a good day.

Sunday: Started to feel very fatigued on Saturday evening and ended up falling asleep at 8:30pm for 11 hours! I guess I was tired. I wasn’t really “feeling it” for my long run, but thoughts of the HAT Run 50k and Boston Marathon forced me out of the door around noon. I managed to average 7:10 pace for twenty miles, but the last four or five were a real struggle. Worse still, several hours later I was still feeling wiped out from the run. Maybe I should have listened to my body and cut the run short….

Finished off the week in the low-60s (another 10% increase on the previous week) and as mentioned earlier I’m really glad this is a “down week”. Definitely need to focus on rest and recovery.


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