New Month, New Motivation

Haven’t done much since Thursday’s Turkey Trot 10k, but after two weeks of “recovery” time since the Richmond Marathon, I’m ready to get back on track and look to setting a few goals for 2009.

This time last year I was busy remodeling a bathroom and managed a paltry 30 miles for the month of December. I’m sure the break was beneficial but I felt like I was playing catchup for the first couple of months of 2008. Anyway, this time around I’m planning a solid December which should allow me a swift start to the new year. I can’t wait!

I’m sure some of my renewed motivation stems from the great “Run to Win with Tom Ryan” CD I received in the mail the other day. The CD features a coaching session hosted by Blaine Moore (of Run To Win fame) and Tom Ryan, one of the top senior cross country runners in the country. Tom is now in his 50s, but his 5k times are only a minute slower than when he was in his 20s! Pretty impressive eh? I’m definitely not in the same league as Tom, but hope to learn something and stay competitive as I get older.

Tonight I ran a moderate 6.2 miles at 7:30 pace and it felt great. Nice start to a new month….


I’m curious to see what your spring plans will entail. I don’t really think you got what you deserved at Richmond. In other words, I think you had the sub 2:50 training and mental focus in place and were a little undermined by the weather. That I think is what makes the marathon such an interesting undertaking. Unlike a 10k or a 5k where the weather can possibly be overcome, the marathon is so long and so demanding that the weather truly does make a huge difference.

Best of luck and enjoy the beginning of the holidays.

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