Monday Lunchtime Seven Miler

Worked from home today, and was able to take advantage of the great weather (60°F+) and go for a lunchtime run. Thinking my legs would still be sore from yesterday’s 22 mile run, I just planned on running 4 or 5 easy miles. However, despite the gusty conditions, my legs felt great and I managed to get in just over 7 miles before heading back to work.

The first mile was a steady 7:49 before I gradually picked up the pace to finish with a 7 minute mile – not as quick as yesterday’s long run, but this was just meant to be an easy recovery run after all.

Quite strangely, the temperature turned out to be an unseasonal 66°F with a gusty south wind – the complete opposite to yesterday’s north wind and 40°F. I wonder what the conditions will be for the Shamrock Marathon? Judging by the past couple of days, there’s no point even thinking about it at this stage in the game – anything could happen between now and March 16th.

Full details of Monday’s seven miler can be viewed by clicking on the MotionBased image below:

Have a good week everyone!


[...] Monday Lunchtime Seven Miler [...]

Ahh… Can’t wait till those temps are the norm. Nice work. I’m back to four days a week (trying it out to see how it goes). I’m hoping for more intensity in the coming weeks/months leading up to the half. Good work buddy.

Excellent! Four days a week is more running than resting, so make sure you get plenty of recovery too. Hope it works out for you….


It’s great that you were able to work from home today to catch the great weather in the middle of the day. How perfect was that?!

Yes, it was rather windy today, wasn’t it?! Much stronger than usual too. The weather’s been rather unpredictable lately. That’s March for ya. If you don’t like the weather, just wait & it’ll change! ;-) Hopefully, you’ll have nice weather for the Shamrock marathon.

Looks like tomorrow’ll be warm again but I think it’s supposed to rain (maybe if you’re lucky, it’ll bypass VA beach!).

Couldn’t agree more with Eric. Can’t wait for the warmer weather to be a regular thing!

[...] felt quite good during yesterday’s seven miler and felt no after effects from Sunday’s 22 mile run, but today was a different story. The [...]

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