Newton Running Gravity III Shoe Review

Newton Running Gravity III

Newton Running Gravity III

Following on from my recent Newton Running Distance III Review, I figured now would be a good time to pass on my thoughts regarding the Newton Running Gravity III which I recently purchased at our local specialty running store, Running Etc.

Just like the Distance III, the Gravity III are built on the highly responsive 5-lug POP1 platform which offers a broader base and, in my opinion, a much more stable ride than previous Newton shoes. The yellow, red and black colorway is okay, but kind of reminds of a certain fast food establishment I’d rather not mention. To be honest, I much prefer the citrusy orange Distance IIIs.

My size 9.5 Gravity III weighed in bang on 9oz which is only marginally heavier than the 7.7oz Distance III. To be honest, I don’t really notice the weight difference during training runs, but I guess over the course of a long run the extra ounces could take their toll.

3mm Heel-to-Toe Drop

3mm Heel-to-Toe Drop

At 3mm, the heel-to-toe drop is slightly greater than the 2mm of the Distance III, but unless you’re really switched on to the feel of a shoe, you probably won’t notice a difference.

However, the relatively low drop is definitely something to consider if you’re NOT used to running in this style of shoe – your calf muscles and achilles tendon WILL need some adjustment time.

For the record, I’m already pretty much conditioned to a low drop shoe as most of my current rotation are in the zero – 4mm range.

So far I’ve logged roughly 50 miles in the Gravity III, and I must say I’m very impressed. Naturally, being built on the same platform, the ride is very similar to the Distance III, although, with the extra weight, I don’t quite feel as fluid in my stride. Therefore, in my opinion, the Gravity III is much better suited for slower recovery runs or longer training runs where speed isn’t quite as important.

The mesh on the upper of the Gravity III is a slightly tighter weave than on the Distance III. I haven’t noticed anything so far, but wonder if this will make for hot feet during the summer. The heel cup is slightly taller too, but is soft and flexible enough to not be an issue as I’ve unfortunately experienced with recent versions of the Saucony Kinvara.

The Gravity III utilises the same semi-flat lightweight laces as the Distance III and from a safety aspect contain a similar amount of 360 degree reflectivity. The strips on the front of the shoe could be a bit more noticeable (see image below), but that’s just a minor criticism on my part.

Newton Running Gravity III

Newton Running Gravity III

The Newton Running video below describes both their Speed Trainers (Distance III & Distance S III) and Mileage Trainers (Gravity III & Motion III). Kristen explains it well, but the main difference between the Gravity III and the Distance III is the extra durability and action/reaction technology in the heel of the Gravity III.

As noted above, both the Gravity III and Distance III are based on the all-new POP1 platform and are ideal for daily training runs – with the Gravity III being better suited for longer runs, and the Distance III being perfect for shorter, faster efforts. The Gravity III retails for $20 more than the Distance III, but as I’d expect to get more miles out of the former, I’m not that concerned with the price point.

From the Newton Running website:
Retail Price: $175
Weight: 8.9oz
Heel-to-Toe Drop: 3mm



The 2014 Gravity III are available for purchase at and


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