100 Push-Ups, 200 Sit-Ups, 200 Squats iPhone Apps – Limited Time Sale!

All Apps on sale!

Just a quick post to let you know about the current $0.99 sale price for each of the 100 Push-Ups, 200 Sit-Ups and 200 Squats iPhone Apps. The App developer, SoftwareX, will shortly be releasing new versions of the popular applications and thought it would be a good idea to have a “Pre-Release Sale”.

No idea when the sale will end, so make sure you take advantage of the half-price offer soon!


Hi Steve,

The iPhone is on my Christmas list along with your apps! As soon as we know we are staying here…How’s the foot shaping up?

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I just wrote about your iPhone app as part of my larger coverage in my syndicated column about your 3 programs. At the end I created the Techlife 500, which I am in progress training for right now. Thanks for the great motivation.


Can you create this app for the Droid Incredible? Thanks

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