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Post-Boston 2011

Personal stuff:

Name: Steve Speirs
Age: 47
DOB: 18th August 1966
City of Birth: Cardiff, Wales
City of Residence: Virginia Beach, VA

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A few of my favorite things:


I started running as a teenager in the early 80’s, initially as a way of keeping fit for my High School football (soccer) & rugby teams. In 1982 my rugby coach persuaded me to enter my first road race – the Barry Half Marathon. I finished in the top 30% and from that point on was hooked.

2010 Cayman Islands MarathonI enjoy racing everything from a 5k to a 100 Miler, and have also been known to participate in triathlons ranging from Sprint to Ironman distance events.

One of my favorite running events is the marathon and last year’s Cayman Islands Marathon was my 40th finish over the classic 26.2 mile distance. My current best marathon time is 2:45:22 set at the 2011 Boston Marathon. I still think I can run a bit quicker, but marathons are not really my main focus any longer.

Since 2009, I’ve also started to dabble in the world of Ultramarathons, which is basically any event longer than the traditional marathon length of 26.2 miles.

My most recent accomplishment was finishing 4th Overall at the 2014 Rocky Raccoon 100, earning a coveted entry slot to the prestigious Western States 100 in the process. I’ll be entering more of these crazy events for sure!

Recent Highlights


MINI ClubmanAnother passion in life is my MINI Cooper – not just a vehicle but an extension of me as a person. It’s fun to drive, has tons of character and a wonderful history dating back over 50 years.

I’m currently on my third MINI – a 2010 Dark Silver/Black Clubman.

Other bits & pieces

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You’re an everyday guy… but you’re dedicated to what you do, and certainly over the years have chipped away and have improved and improved. Now at the age of 47 you’re seeing some of these years of perseverance paying off.

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This blog & blogger are both top-notch!

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Love the new look!

Tracy Lo:

I just came across your blog and am hooked! i wish i was good a runner as you!
I just wanna say that you are an inspiration- i hope i can get as fast and as strong as you.
Good luck with everything! you rock!


Steve thanks, you’ve improved my training and saved me the £39 I was going to spend today on a new HR monitor. Thanks! Andy

2008 Miles of Hope:

Wow, Steve, Thanks! Needless to say, I thrive on inspiration. Your blog is a BIG sources of inspiration for me and MANY runners.