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Easy Run And Brooks T5 Test

Finished up the Zoot Challange bike workout and headed out for a 30 minute run to get the legs used to running after biking – commonly known in triathlon circles as a BRICK workout. I just did 15 minutes easy followed by 10 minutes @ 5:45 per mile pace with an easy 5 minutes to […]

Last Chance Bike Ride Before Breezy Point Triathlon

I realize it’s too late to gain any miraculous bike fitness or speed at this stage in my “triathlon training”, but I figured another 45 minutes in the saddle wouldn’t hurt. A storm was brewing outside so I took the easy option and rode inside….again. To add just a little variety to my otherwise mundane […]

Hundred Push Ups Week 6 Day 3

I was half dreading Day 3 of Week 6, but it turned out to be okay. It took a couple of sets to get into it, but I got stronger as the workout went on. Now I’m not sure whether to repeat W6 (I failed D1 remember) or go for the hundred on the weekend. […]

Last Wednesday In May

Wednesday am: Tremendous morning run in the Newtons. Felt great, even got caught in a refreshing 10 minute shower. Good start to the day. 4.36 miles in 32:30 Wednesday pm: Headed to the rec center to swim after work. Unfortunately, there were lifeguard tests taking place and all swim lanes were closed to the public. […]

Brick Workout

Followed up a 50 minute Muscle Breakdown Spinervals workout with a 10k Strength Builder Runervals workout – 100 minutes of quality work that left me feeling pretty beat up. Time to relax in my Zensah’s…..