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Last Six Miler Before Frederick

Headed out for an easy six miles after work – 2 miles to the local soccer fields, a couple more on the soccer fields made up of a dozen striders (faster paced efforts) and finished off with an easy 2 miles back to the house. The pace wasn’t great, but it wasn’t meant to be. […]

Rest Day And Marathon Inspiration

Treated myself to a rare rest day today (unless you can count 20 minutes of grass cutting as a workout of course). My goal for Frederick has been a conservative taper and I’m determined not to “test myself one last time” before Sunday’s race as I’ve been prone to do in the past — right […]

Tuesday Run And Some Other Stuff…

Another mixed bag of exercise today which started with the another round of the Hundred Push Ups plan. The program is still as popular as ever and with the 7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups book almost ready to go to print, I’m keen to discover how well it sells. Latest word from the publisher is […]

Triple Monday Run

No, not crazy, just trying to shock my body into adapting to the mini heatwave we’re having at the moment. If the forecast for next weekend’s Frederick Marathon is correct, it could get pretty warm before I’m finished and I want to be as ready as possible. Of course, it may be too late to […]

MISSION (Skincare) Accomplished

Well, after several years of searching for the perfect sunscreen, I’m pleased to announce I’ve found it! After just over a week of testing several products in the range of MISSION Skincare products, I have to say they do exactly what their web site claims. This weekend has seen the hottest and sunniest weather of […]