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Hammer Nutrition Announce Three Great New Flavors!

HEED – Hammer Nutrition’s popular sports drink – is now available in two great new flavors; Mild Melon and Subtle Berry. I’m typically a fan of the Mandarin Orange flavor, but now I’ve tasted Mild Melon (the good folks at Hammer Nutrition included several sample packs in my last order), I think I’ll soon be […]

McMillan Custom Marathon Plan: Week 1 Day 1

June 30th, 2008 marks the beginning of an exciting new training phase for me; a 20 week custom marathon program put together by top coach Greg McMillan. Today is the first day of the plan and I’ve decided on the following format to summarize the current training phase, brief workout details and purpose of each […]

Hundred Push Ups: Week 3 Day 1

Here we go; Week 3 Day 1 of the Hundred Push Ups plan. I knew going into the workout it was going to be a tough one. I failed at this level the same time last year, and remembered all to well how challenging it was. Looking back, I probably should have performed my push […]

Progressive Five Miler

Another character-building hot and humid run today; 5 progressively faster miles with a much needed cool down mile to finish. MotionBased hasn’t yet confirmed the temperature for my workout, but I would guess it was in the low 90’s. Humidity seemed high too and I was sweating uncontrollably before I’d covered half a mile. The […]

Saturday Run. Smoky Again

Not much to report on this smoky, Saturday afternoon run. It was hot and humid and a bit of a struggle towards the end if I’m honest. Luckily I had my wife to keep me company and the hour in the smoky conditions caused by North Carolina wildfires actually went by quite fast. The Evans […]