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Run, Bike, Run

Did something a bit different tonight and ran 4 miles, followed by 4 miles of biking topped off with a 4 mile tempo run. My wife did the opposite and biked while I ran and ran while I biked – good training for the Muddy Buddy race in July. The first four miles was a […]

Another Hour In The Bank

A nice steady one hour run tonight with the added bonus of my wife Allyson tagging along on her mountain bike. I guess she’s starting to get serious about the Muddy Buddy race in July! Not surprisingly the wind shifted direction sometime today which meant it was 25° colder than yesterday’s run in the sun […]

Hot, Hot, Hot 6 Miler

Tough six miler tonight in hot and humid conditions. Luckily I was well hydrated otherwise it could have been a real struggle. I managed to run the first five miles progressively faster before finishing up with a slower last mile to “cool down”. Splits: 7:28 7:23 7:17 7:05 6:46 7:15 I’m looking forward to the […]

Easy Run On Memorial Day

Beautiful day for a run today, and after a slack two weeks and a surprisingly quick 10k race on Saturday, I’m feeling refreshed and motivated to begin a summer training plan. I don’t have many races lined up beyond the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in September and the Richmond Marathon in November, but I’m […]

2008 Elizabeth River Run 10k

Just a quick post to record details of this year’s 2008 Elizabeth River Run 10k held in Portsmouth, Virginia. I wasn’t expecting much after running just 15 miles in the past two weeks, but I was looking forward to finding out what shape I’m in so I can start planning a summer training plan. I […]