McMillan Custom Marathon Plan: Week 15 Day 5

Week 15, Day 5
Phase: Marathon
Workout: 40 to 50 minute Easy Run
Purpose: Build Endurance
Cut the run short today; just over 30 minutes instead of the prescribed 40 to 50. No real reason, just didn’t see much point in the extra mile or two with a 20 mile race to run tomorrow.

I actually felt pretty good despite a couple of tough workouts this week and last weekend’s 23.5 miler. Hopefully this bodes well for the race.

My plan is to start off at 6:30 per mile pace, hold it for 10 miles if I can and then see what happens. Should be interesting.

The race is about 150 miles away, so it’s an early night for me, then up at 2:45am before tackling the drive to Spotsylvania, VA. I should get there in plenty of time to pick up my race packet, unwind and warm up. At least the weather looks like it will cooperate….

Oh yes, did my push ups today too. Didn’t follow a plan, just knocked out 7 x 20 with 45 seconds rest between sets. Felt good…


Have a great race!
Wishing you the best.

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