Flat Five Miles & Week 5 Push Ups Exhaustion Test

My easy five mile run was a bit “blah” this afternoon. Nothing special to report; just an easy run and another five miles to add to the 2008 total. I guess the first run after Saturday’s race was always going to be a hard act to follow. No worries, tomorrow is another day.

The push ups on the other hand went very well. Last Wednesday I only managed 38 push ups in the exhaustion test at the end of Week 4 – a little disappointing to say the least. This afternoon I performed the same test to determine which column I’d land in for Week 6 of the Hundred Push Ups program. Somehow I managed a staggering 70 push ups and could have carried on for at least 10 more I’m sure. Looks like the magic hundred is within reach again. Great news!


Given my recent bet… I think I need to bottle this strength you’ve accumulated.

I’ve found that if I pick up the pace on the pushups, I can do more. But if I go for higher quality and deeper pushups, the numbers drop a bit. So, one’s a tradeoff for the other (quantity over quality).

That’s an impressive effort!

[...] Flat Five Miles & Week 5 Push Ups Exhaustion Test [...]

When you got to 100 last time did you notice a difference in the look of your arms? Just curious.

Yeah, I need to add to my 2008 total, I’m only at 3620 right now. Don’t look like I’ll hit 4000 this year! ;-)

John, I was wondering how many miles you’ve logged this year. Still time to make 4000!

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