Newton Running Neutral Racer Experience: Day 2

Newton Running ShoesBeen looking forward to today’s run since the weekend. Monday I just ran an easy 7 miles to the local rec center which I followed up with a short swim.

Yesterday I treated myself to a rare rest day (aside from an easy indoor bike workout of course), made sure I went to bed pretty early and felt much better for it this morning.

With the regular work day out of the way, I headed out in the sunny, 50°F weather right into a 15mph headwind. Great start I thought. No worries, I kept the pace easy, warmed up for about 3.5 miles and got ready to run 4 x 800m repeats with a 400m recovery – same as last week for the regular readers amongst you.

I changed into the Newton Racers and was off. Last week I ran the 800’s in 2:46, 2:40, 2:39 and 2:36 – probably the best set of 4 x 800’s I can remember. This week, in the blustery conditions, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I set off fast and tried to maintain a fast cadence. At the end of the 800m I clicked “lap” on the Garmin 405 and glanced down to read 2:35. Wow.

I jogged the almost 400m recovery distance and set off again. In case you’re wondering, the genius behind the Newton running shoes is the patented Action/Reaction Technology™. Here’s how it works (courtesy of the Newton Running web site):

When your midfoot/forefoot LANDS on the ground, the technology’s four external actuator lugs are pressed into hollow chambers inside the shoe’s midsole via an elastic membrane. (ACTION). This movement is the shock absorption part of the system. The highly energized membrane supporting the lugs causes them to load up with energy.

As your forefoot levers inside the shoe, the lugs release their stored energy and LEVER you forward.There is a final burst of energetic return (REACTION) from the Action/Reaction Technology™ as you LIFT your knee and begin a new stride.

We’ve spent over 12 years researching, developing and refining our technology. With independent laboratory testing, 9 US Patents (other US and foreign patents pending), world records and PR’s, Newton shoes are showing results superior to any other running shoe technology.

Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion is the inspiration for our Newton Action/Reaction Technology. Replacing the foam and inherent energy loss of traditional running shoes.

Back to the workout. The second 800m was another 2:35 and reassured me that the first one wasn’t a fluke! Once again I jogged the recovery distance (even on a slow jog it’s hard not to run on the forefoot). Rep number three was a little more challenging as the wind appeared to kick up a notch, but I still managed to get faster and record a 2:33. Wow!

With just one 800m remaining, it was time to give everything and see how fast I could run. I really focused hard on maintaining good form and blazed the last couple of bends to record a 2:30 flat. At the risk of repeating what I wrote last week, it’s hard not to run fast in the Newton Racers. Once again there was no soreness, discomfort or muscle fatigue after running the 800m repeats. The one area that doesn’t seem 100% is the outside edge of my right foot; there’s a slight area of friction that hasn’t blistered or anything, but it does rub slightly. I’ll need to play around with the adjustment of the laces I think and maybe try a thinner sock.

The jog home was uneventful (aside from a large dog that decided he wanted to play) but felt a little odd in my regular training shoes. It’s strange, once you’ve worn the Newtons for a period of time, traditional running shoes feel almost snow shoes – big, wide with a huge footprint. Quite funny really.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to receiving my Newton Trainers next week so I can begin regular training with the awesome Action/Reaction Technology! Exciting times…


Before you know it you are going to start running barefoot…

Not that that’s a bad thing. It is a little difficult in the autumn when the acorns come down, though.

Terrific review Steve. Glad to hear you’re running faster in Newtons. Keep us posted on your progress, especially once you get the trainers!

Yasso halves equate to marathon finish times. GO FOR IT!!!

“Yasso halves equate to marathon finish times”

Is it 8 or 10 Yasso halves which gives the best prediction?

Hi Steve

Those are some absolutely blazing 800s! I really struggle when I try and go under 2:45s and here you are finishing with a 2:30.

I am definitely going to look into a pair of Newtons, but there is just no way they are going to get me into the 2:30s.

Best of luck Steve.

Bill, you’d be surprised. I’ve never been in the 2:30’s, honest.

Actually, I’m about to head out for an easy lunch time run to “break into the Newtons” a little more. According to their web site you don’t break the shoes in, you break into the shoes – it will make sense if you buy a pair!

Have a great weekend. 10 days to Boston…

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