McMillan Custom Marathon Plan Week 2 Begins

With Week 1 comfortably in the bag, it’s time to continue the Base Phase of the McMillan Training Plan. Here’s how the week has gone so far: Monday (Day 8): Circumstances dictated a treadmill run on Monday. I wasn’t really looking forward to being stuck inside but oddly enough, it turned out to be quite […]

McMillan Custom Marathon Plan Week 1

Well, Week 1 of the marathon training plan is officially behind me. No real shocks or surprises, but it’s satisfying to look back at seven successful workouts to kick me off on the road to Richmond ’09. Day 5: A very enjoyable, controlled easy run. No problems at all meeting goal pace (7:05 to 7:35) […]

Marathon Training Continued

After Tuesday’s 14 miles it was nice to check my training plan and see “50 to 70 minute Easy Run” on the schedule for Wednesday. According to the McMillan Calculator, easy pace for me is currently 7:05 to 7:35 per mile. Kitted out in a brand new pair of Newton Gravitas (which I’m wearing as […]

So Far So Good With The Marathon Training

Of course, I’m only on Day 2 of the marathon training plan, but so far so good. Monday was just an easy run of between 35 and 50 minutes – I ended up running six miles at 7:25 per mile pace in my Newton Gravitas. As is typical in the Newtons, it was hard to […]

2009 Richmond Marathon Training Begins

Here we go again! I’ve dug out last year’s custom marathon training plan (courtesy of McMillan Running), blown off the cobwebs and worked out my training paces for each and every workout Greg McMillan has planned for me. With just 19 weeks to go until the 2009 Richmond Marathon, I figured it was time to […]