Ultimate Direction Web Specials

Just wanted to pass on some info for a limited time offer from Ultimate Direction. Customers can save an additional 10% on Ultimate Direction sale items (Web Specials), which boosts savings to over 50% for select items. Five of the best offers can be viewed below, but be sure to check the Ultimate Direction website […]

Clean Bottle. What a great invention!

Every once in a while you come across a product that makes you wonder “Why didn’t I think of that?” Clean Bottle is *that* product. Clean Bottle was designed by David Mayer, Ironman triathlete and Stanford graduate from Silicon Valley, California. Mayer constantly struggled to clean out the typical muck & mold from the bottom […]

FREE Hammer Nutrition Purist Bottle

Purchase a 32-serving container of Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem or a 90-count container of Perpetuem Solids, and receive a FREE 26oz Hammer Nutrition Purist bottle. [$8.95 value!] Purist bottles are the first water bottles that offers a taste as pure as drinking from a glass, with all the advantages of a flexible bottle. Features include a […]