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There goes October

Well, there goes the month of October. Not exactly my highest mileage month ever, but at least I feel like I’m heading in the right direction. I ended up with 113 running miles, numerous bike miles and a few thousand yards of swimming. Oh, I should probably mention the multiple physical therapy sessions with Glenda […]

2012 Moe’s 5K Challenge

Had fun at the 2012 Moe’s Challenge last weekend, although I think my burrito-eating skills are in better shape than my running ability at the moment. Saying that, I got through the 5K relatively pain-free, and hope to be able to build back into some regular training very soon. For the record, my finish time […]

Weeks in Review – w/c 10/1/12 & w/c 10/8/12

Falling behind a little with the blog updates, and I can’t really blame it on lack of time. I guess not much in the way of running has been happening at Run Bulldog Run, so motivation to blog about a mish mash of workouts is pretty low. Anyway, for those that are interested, cross training […]

Week in Review – w/c 9/24/12

Not much to report on the injury front, so spent the week biking, swimming and continuing with the 100pushups and 200situps routines. Feels like I’m maintaining fitness pretty well, but definitely itching to get running again.