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Week in Review – w/c 9/17/12

Not much to review this week I’m afraid. After pulling up lame on last Wednesday’s hill workout I haven’t been able to run at all. To keep the fitness ticking over I hit the bike hard on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, but hopes of running the 12-HR ATR on Saturday seemed to be fading away. Even […]

Week in Review – w/c 9/10/12

Monday: Planned – AM: 35 min @ 143, PM: 60 min @ 153 Actual – 5.5 miles at 6:25/mile pace to start the new week. Not bad for an easy run! The afternoon run was a lot tougher – 60 minutes of running in the steady zone. The effort was consistent, so it was good […]

Week in Review — w/c 9/3/12

Monday: Planned – 8 easy with pickups Actual – still on mini-vacation in Vegas, so decided to take an unscheduled extra day off. If it’s good enough for Coach Caleb, it’s good enough for me! Tuesday Planned – PM: easy 7 miles with some pickups at the end Actual – enjoyed the easy 7 miler, […]

Week in Review — w/c 8/27/12

Monday: Planned – AM: 45 minutes @143, PM: 60 minutes @153 Actual – just a nice, easy run to start the new week with a few 50m strides to keep the legs ticking over. No problems keeping the HR at around 143bpm. Average pace 6:41/mile. Split the afternoon run into 2 x 30 minute sessions […]