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Week in Review — w/c 8/20/12

Monday: Planned – AM: 35 minutes @143, PM: 45 minutes @153 Actual – good start to the week with just over 5 miles at 6:40/mile pace. Legs initially felt a little jaded after the busy weekend, but soon woke up as we hit goal effort. The afternoon run was a bit more of a struggle […]

Week in Review – w/c 8/13/12

Monday: Planned – AM 35 minutes easy, PM 45 steady Actual – started the week with a surprisingly quick “easy” 35 minutes in which I managed to average 6:30/mile. I’m going with 140bpm for my easy runs from now on – should be interesting… The afternoon “steady” 45 minutes went well too. Ended up with […]

Week in Review – w/c 8/6/12

Monday: Planned – 45 minutes easy Actual – much better hitting the heart rate on this just over 6 mile Monday morning run. Humid (for a change!), but a little bit cooler. Felt good to mix things up and wear my New Balance MR00. Great shoe! Tuesday Planned – 30 minutes easy, 20 minutes steady […]

Week in Review – w/c 7/30/12

Monday: Planned – 35 minutes easy Actual – just a short, easy run to kick off the new week; 4.5 miles with average HR at 125 bpm. Bit of a fail really though – heart rate should be about about 10 beats per minute higher for an “easy” run. Live and learn! Tuesday Planned – […]

Week in Review – w/c 7/23/12

Monday: Planned – 45 minutes easy Actual – almost 6 miles with HR under 140bpm and 5 x 50m striders towards the end. Pretty humid out! Tuesday Planned – 15 easy, 15 steady, 5 easy, 10 steady Actual – managed just over 6 miles in total. Enjoyed the change of pace. Wednesday Planned – 60 […]