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Lessons Learnt at the OSS/CIA 50 Mile Night Run

Last weekend’s 50 Mile Night Run at Prince William Forest Park was one of the most surreal races I’ve been fortunate to take part in. My goal, as stated in last week’s blog post, was simply to have fun, enjoy the rare opportunity for some night running and to hopefully finish the 50 miles in […]

Week in Review – w/c 6/18/12

Here we go with another weekly recap — Monday – kicked off a brand new week with a brisk 2 mile stroll. Plan for the week was to add in some walk miles to get the legs ready for the inevitable walk breaks I’ll be taking in Saturday’s OSS/CIA 50 Mile Night Run. Jumped on […]

Week in Review – w/c 6/11/12

87 miles last week – highest of the year so far. Here’s how the new week went…. Monday – “zapped the zero” with a longer-than-usual Monday 10 miler. Debated whether to hit the track for some intervals, but settled for some nice solo recovery miles instead. Hottest run for a while though as the temps […]

Week in Review – w/c 6/4/12

And after last week’s step-down week, it was good to step things back up again. Here’s the review: Monday – “zapped the zero” with a sluggish 4 miles. Took a while to get going, but it was a great morning for a run. Also ran another easy 8 at mid-day with no watch or GPS. […]

Week in Review – w/c 5/28/12

Time for a step-down week. Here’s how it went: Monday – odd start to the week with a low key 5k at the Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake. Legs were a bit tired from Saturday’s 10k and Sunday’s 13 mile training run, but it was good to have some off-road fun on dirt, sand, grass […]