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2011 Ragnar Del Sol Video Highlights

As a follow up to my long-winded Ragnar Del Sol Recap a couple of weeks ago, thought I’d post the video highlights expertly pieced together by Thomas Neuberger. Enjoy! Where’s The Damn Van from Thomas Neuberger on Vimeo. Thanks once again to Zensah for their support (pun intended) of our relay team.

Back At It & Looking Ahead

Enjoyed a couple of days down time after the HAT Run 50K, but it didn’t take long for the legs to start twitching. I treated myself to a 90 minute sports massage on Tuesday and followed this up with a couple of easy afternoon miles over at the local soccer complex. Decided to spin a […]

2011 HAT Run 50K

Not sure where to start, so here goes…. The 2010 HAT Run 50K was probably the toughest race I’ve taken part in. Last year I wasn’t prepared for the fairly significant elevation change over the 31.1 miles, and I certainly didn’t know how to pace myself for the rollercoaster-like course. The run-in to this year’s […]

7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups Kindle Edition: Read First Chapter FREE! now allow authors to embed book samples in a web site or blog, so for anyone interested in reading the first chapter of “7 Weeks to 100 Push-Ups“, feel free to play around below. Text size, line spacing and words per line can be adjusted by clicking on the “Aa”. You can also adjust […]

Tough Twenty

May have been a bit foolish to attempt this today. The HAT Run 50K is less than a week away and my legs were already on the heavy side from a couple of brisk ten milers in the last couple of days, but you know me, I thought I’d give it a go anyway. The […]