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Motivating Music: What’s Your Top Tune?

You either love it, or hate it. Running with music that is. If you are one of the millions that love running to music, you may be interested to hear that the Virgin London Marathon has teamed up with running music experts AudioFuel to create a “Runner’s Top Ten Favorite Tracks”. The soundtrack, created by […]

Recovery Week

After three consecutive “build” weeks (52, 57 and 61 miles), it was nice to have an easier week. Sunday’s 20 miler really took a lot out of me, so the timing of the reduction in miles was pretty much perfect. Monday: First day off since Christmas Day. Tempted to run a couple of easy miles […]

1 More Mile for Sunshine

Quick shout out to Blaine Moore of the informative Run to Win web site, who is currently on Day 25 of his 1 More Mile for Sunshine Challenge. Blaine’s goal is to raise money for Camp Sunshine by running at least 500 miles throughout the month of January. The challenge started on January 1st with […]

Weekly Review

Not feeling as fresh as last Monday, but I guess that’s to do with another 10% mileage increase and tough cross country race/long training run on the weekend. I may be entering the zone of over training, so it’s good news that this week is a down week in terms of mileage. My body definitely […]

Cloudveil Run Don’t Walk Vest

One of the perks of blogging about running is occasionally receiving requests from companies looking for people to test out and review their products. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by an outdoor product marketing representative asking if I’d like to try out a variety of items including trail shoes and apparel. Naturally […]