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First Run For A Week

Not sure the last time I went almost a week without running, but tonight was my first run since June 23rd. The rest period was self-imposed and looking back at the first 6 months of 2009, was probably just what the doctor ordered. Tonight’s run was just an easy four miles to get my legs […]

Heather Fuhr Loves Newton Running Shoes

Short video explaining why Ironman world champion, Heather Fuhr, loves Newton Running shoes. The revolutionary technology of Newton Running shoes has brought the fun back in running, I can’t wait to get out the door. Now at 41, I am running as fast as ever. The shoes are awesome. You can definitely feel that they […]

Western Branch 24 Hour Fundraiser Run Update

Quick post: Just found out that Western Branch High School sold over 300 raffle tickets at the Ed Lowery 5k Bash yesterday (see comment here). Apparently, some, if not all, the credit goes to my blog for posting about the Western Branch 24 Hour Fundraiser Run. Just goes to show what a great bunch of […]

Ed Lowery XC Bash

Thoroughly enjoyed the Ed Lowery XC Bash this morning at Bells Mill Park in Chesapeake. It turned out to be cross country at its best, with a rain-soaked course and several muddy areas to run through. Of course, Ryan Carroll, coach of the Western Branch XC team, made light work of the course and the […]

Friday Double Day

Morning: An easy 4 miler that somehow morphed into a progressive 6 miler. Would have run more, but ran out of time before work. Temperature was almost perfect and the morning breeze made the run a real pleasure. Splits: 8:06 7:37 7:31 7:26 7:08 6:44 – 6.2 miles in 46 minutes. Afternoon: Nice relaxed 2nd […]