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2008 Turkey Trot 10k

Not expecting much at tomorrow’s race, but I’m sure it will be fun and a good chance to catch up with local running friends I haven’t seen for a while. For the record, here are my 6 Turkey Trot 10k results going back to 1999. Incidentally, my all time 10k PR is the 36:32 set […]

Just Another Week…

Not too much running taking place at the moment, hence the lack of blog updates. To be honest, it’s been nice to just take things easy and enjoy the post-marathon recovery. Last week I managed a grand total of 17 miles (lowest for a very long time) and this week kicked off with an easy […]

Four Easy Days

Not much to report this week; just been enjoying some nice easy post-marathon running: Monday: 30 minutes Tuesday: 30 minutes Wednesday: 40 minutes Thursday: 40 minutes The recovery has gone well and thankfully I haven’t experienced any aches and pains or soreness. Next up is the Turkey Trot 10k on Thanksgiving Day (surprise, surprise) and […]

Richmond Marathon Race Report

Richmond Marathon – 8:00am Saturday, November 15th 2008. Slept good, woke once or twice to the sound of heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Briefly wondered if the race would be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, but figured I’d find out soon enough and went back to sleep. Breakfast alarm went off at 4:55am (3 […]

Richmond Marathon: The Results Are In…

Unofficial finish time – 2:51:27 Not quite a PR, but I’m happy. I was on track for a sub-2:51:00 until about mile 20, but then it got tough. The strong headwind didn’t help, but fighting slight fatigue in my legs was also a factor. Not one runner passed me after about mile 7 and I […]