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Another Five Miles: The Taper Seems To Be Working

Popped out lunchtime for another five mile run, and I’m happy to report my legs are starting to feel rested and ready to race. Of course this will probably come back to haunt me and I’ll wish I hadn’t said anything, but nothing wrong with being honest eh? I also wanted to try out a […]

Five Miles: Five Days To Go

Picked up another pair of Brooks Racer ST3 today – my favorite shoe for the classic marathon distance. I already own two pairs of the lightweight ST3’s, but wanted a new pair for Sunday’s Frederick Marathon which will give me maximum support and maximum cushioning. I know what you’re thinking – never wear brand new […]

Monday Morning Five Miler

Nice early morning run to start off the week. I didn’t run yesterday, but did a fair amount of work outside instead and therefore wasn’t surprised to wake up with several rarely-used muscle groups aching and screaming out for attention. I figured the best thing to do would be head out the door, stretch my […]

Chesapeake Bay 10k

The weeks training hasn’t been my best and after 4 days of no running in Vegas last weekend, I was half thinking I’d lost all my hard earned fitness – not the best thoughts to have with the Frederick Marathon only 1 week away. If nothing else, today’s Chesapeake Bay 10k would be a good […]

Friday Five

Nice steady five mile run this afternoon. Wish I could say nice easy five mile run, but it wasn’t really as easy as it should have been. The first mile came in at just under eight minutes, followed by four miles at a deliberate 7:20 per mile pace. Temperature was almost 80°F with a brisk […]