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Road ID Competition Update

Ok, the predictions have come flooding in for my appearance in the New Year’s Day Hair of the Dog 5k (well not quite flooding in, but it’s nice to have some interest), so here’s an update of the times: Tim – 18:57:60 Corey – 18:36:30 Ernie – 18:45 Lisa – 18:40:30 Blaine – 18:14 Charlie […]

Total Mileage For 2007

After recording tonight’s treadmill run in my online training log, I noticed I’ve racked up 1627 miles in 2007 (just over 31 miles per week). This figure is over 500 miles less than last year where I was able to run every single day, but 3 more than the total for 2005. I guess I’m […]

Random 30 Minute Treadmill Run

Left it fairly late, but I was determined to get some sort of workout in before the end of the day. I decided on a 30 minute treadmill run so I could focus on my form and try and correct some of the strangeness I’ve experienced this week. By strangeness I mean the lack of […]

Six Mile Saturday Slog

Decided to get out for an early run today (like the good old days) and planned to get in at least 5 steady miles. I read last night that the temperature would be in the mid 60’s by lunchtime, but listening to the wind howling outside as I got dressed, I feared for something a […]

Gerry Lindgren – Most Talented US High School Runner Ever?

I’m lucky enough to be reading “Gerry Lindgren’s Book on Running” at the moment – an inspirational story about the rise of Gerry Lindgren from a last-place runner on his high school cross-country team to arguably the best high school distance runner of all time. Growing up in the UK, I must admit I’d never […]