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2007 Marine Corps Marathon Race Report & MotionBased Stats

Well, where do I start? It’s been 3 days since the marathon and only now do I feel like I have some spare time to sit down and write about the experience. Friday was a wet and windy day in Virginia Beach, and the drive to DC in the early afternoon wasn’t the most relaxing […]

4 Day "Secret Sale" At Road Runner Sports

Just wanted to share information about the “Top Secret Shoe Sale” currently taking place at Road Runner Sports! Shop now and save up to 41% (actually when you click through to their site it says save 68%!) on top name running shoes. The event runs from Friday, October 26th, through Monday, October 29th – […]

Week 16 – Key Run Workout #2

Well, Thursday night’s run is over, which means my 16 weeks of marathon training is complete. At this stage in the game it’s too late to do anything about my level of fitness. With just a handful of days until the big race, it’s all about eating and drinking well, resting as much as possible […]

Week 16 – Key Run Workout #1

Going into today’s workout I was a bit concerned the plan called for 6 x 400m repeats. Track work usually takes a lot out of me, and with the marathon only 5 days away I didn’t want to risk anything. What’s more, the 400m repeats had to be completed in 78 seconds, which is a […]

Marine Corps Marathon Remote Runner Tracking

If you don’t have anything better to do next Sunday morning (October 28th), you could always sign up to track my progress in the Marine Corps Marathon. Remote Runner Tracking is a free service which allows you to receive split times and finish information instantly on a pager, text messaging number or e-mail, and is […]