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Saturday Morning 11 Miles

Have a busy day planned, so decided to get up nice and early to run this morning. It had rained hard overnight, and more torrential rain was forecast for later on today, so my best option was just to get up and go. I didn’t really have any major plans for how far to run, […]

Steady 7 Mile Run

Nice easy run – the only aim being to keep my heart rate in a comfortable zone. More miles in the bank….

Easy 5 Mile Run

Progressive 4 Mile Run

Not too much time to write a detailed report, but today’s run was a perfect pre-vacation (or really I should say pre-holiday) workout. Temperatures in the morning at this time of year are so much better than late afternoon when I typically run. My goal was to head out, run the first mile fairly easy […]

Easy 4 Mile Run

Nice easy run with my daughter this evening. Not fast, not slow, just a nice easy pace which kept my heart rate down in the 130s. Each mile was slightly faster than the previous one, which is always a good way to run. Actually it was nice to save my energy for the 2nd workout […]